At the start, there were no riders but I was dressed and determined to get some miles in since I need to prepare for the upcoming National 24 Hour Challenge.  Besides, it was one of the warmest weekend days that I’d seen in a while.  Another motivation was the course.  It was going to be hilly and it was one of those routes with several bail-out points.  The route stayed relatively close to the start point, in other words.  

A few miles down the road I noticed a few riders coming up so I slowed down to see if they were stragglers with the group.  It turned out that I didn’t know them but a few minutes later, Joe O. did come up.   He’d already been on the road for some hours and was going to ride for just a few more miles before he needed to get back home.  Then  Mitch (from Spin) came up on us.  He was on a solo ride out to Brecksville and beyond.  

One of the riders (Mark) asked if he could tag along with us.  I was happy to have some company so I wouldn’t have to be on the road, solo, all day.  I told him the plan and he said that he was planning for 70 miles but would ride with me until his legs said otherwise.  He ended up on the “long distance train” and since he had miles before we met, he “accidentally” logged 126 miles!   It’s always funny when that happens.

We ended up going to Bedford, Kent, and Akron and then back home through the CVNP.   I didn’t want to tell Mark where we were going until we got there, otherwise, I may have ended up on the road, solo! 😉 .   We spared ourselves from climbing up Hines Hill though.   We ran into Laurie Skul in Brandywine (who is also training for the N24HC).  We also ran into Sara Harper and her MTB friends on the Freedom Trail between Kent and Akron.

We had a great day until the following happened while we were at lunch. 😉

That little rascal smeared up my bar-end rearview mirror while he was trying to jack my bike.


Riders included:

Eric Overton
Joe Ochmanski
Mark Pekelnicky


Welcome to the group: Mark Pekelnicky

Riders 3
Max. Miles 103-126 miles
Temperature 70-82 degrees with winds at 0-11 mph (SE)
Close Calls 0
Mechanical Failures 0
Mishaps 0
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0


“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge”   –John Clay


About Eric Overton

Long Distance Cyclist in the Cleveland area

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