For those of you who have been asking – “how’s it going?” Here is an update!

I hope to complete my quest to ride 530 indoor miles by midnight on Saturday to replicate the miles for this year’s Tour des Trees. How is it going? Well – although the miles have not gone QUITE as planned, I am actually 10 miles ahead of where I expected to be at this point! I have completed 310 miles, leaving me with about 220 miles to complete in the next 36 hours or so. The plan? I intend to begin the final push at midnight tonight. If I can maintain my current average speed, I will be able to complete this challenge in about 12 hours “saddle time.”

So – the physical challenge seems completely doable at this point, but it seems like I am missing something….hmmmmm….why did I decide to partake in this crazy challenge anyway? Oh yeah – I need to raise money for the TREE Fund!

Its not too late! Having some additional donations roll in would sure make the final push a little easier for me! If you have already contributed, THANKS AGAIN – I just wanted to let you know how the ride is going! Also – thanks SO MUCH to the folks who have been asking about my progress throughout the week! This challenge has been a lot harder than I expected, so your words of encouragement really mean a lot to me!

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