It’s Almost That Time!

If you don’t have time for a protracted and long-winded piece, you will need to tune out now.

The 2020 Long Distance Cycling Cleveland season is approaching! A “Test Ride” is scheduled for the week of Dec. 28th. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost that time again, considering that many riders have not put their bikes up from the 2019 season.


We are experiencing a bunch of changes that will impact our group. Here are a few.

High Tech Advances in Indoor Training

There have been several changes in cycling since this group first started 13 or so years ago. Many of us have gotten better at riding in cold temperatures since then. Higher tech clothing and lower tech, makeshift alternatives have helped. The other major changes are the advances in indoor training with Spinning and indoor trainer classes all over the place. It appears as though Garmin GPS, Strava, smart trainers, power meters, Zwift, TrainerRoad, Peloton, Sufferfest, and other technologies are taking over the world and have made home training much more interesting. Add to that, gravel and off-road racing, cyclocross, mountain biking, track racing, and fat bikes. More and more, riders are staying in shape all year round.

Secret Training Camps

Oh! I forgot to mention that “secret training camps” are still forbidden in this group. Yes, it has been against the rules for riders to go to warm destinations to train while the rest of us suffer in this tundra and THEN return to rub it in our faces. 😉

Changes in our Group Rides

These changes are going to change the way we ride, especially at the start of the season. Some riders are going to be already up to speed and other riders will just be coming back from a rest break during the off-season. In the early season, when it’s cold and mechanicals are more likely, it is encouraged that we try look out for our fellow riders the best we can. At the same time, some riders will be wanting to put their indoor training to the test, will want keep it moving to stay warm, and will want to get good training for races that will be on the calendar very soon. We’ll try to do the best we can to accommodate everyone.

Endurance Races

The main reason this group was formed was to give riders in NE Ohio a chance to get out on the roads early in the season, and to stay on par with our counterparts who live in warmer climates. Preparing for this event was a big motivator for getting out there in the cold to train. Once upon a time, we had 22 of our riders go to Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge!

A major endurance race is the National 24 Hour Challenge, in Michigan (June). Hopefully, we can get some weekend rides in in the winter and spring to prepare for this one.

Newer Riders

Recently, more than a handful of riders have expressed an interest in joining our rides for the first time, to get experience in longer distances to prepare for their favorite tours and to increase their overall cycling fitness. I want to welcome those cyclists and we will try to help them, as best we can, to have a good experience with us. I have been encouraging them to try to bring a riding buddy just in case the pace of the main group is not to their liking. All levels of riders have always been welcomed to the group but it is more difficult to keep the entire group together with the wide range of experience. Anyway, let’s welcome these riders and we will do what we can to help them in this aspect of cycling.

Most of our rides have up to 4 distances to choose from and you can also pick your own turn-around point. We will also give out GPS routes and cue sheets to help riders stay on course.

I think enough has been said here. I hope to see you on the road soon.

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