Bikes N’Brew is BACK! Sept. 29th

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Bikes N’Brew is BACK for 2018 and features 3 different distances for you to explore the latest Cleveland breweries and visit old favorites! Bikes N’Brew is an unsupported bicycle tour through Cleveland’s expanding brew network and surrounding neighborhoods. There will be 20, 40, and 60 mile-ish suggested route options with cue sheets & maps provided…


Slow Roll Week 10: Downtown Oasis, Mon., July 16th (Perk Park)

Bordered by Chester Ave. and E. 12th Street downtown, and surrounded by imposing grey walls of office and residential buildings, Perk Park — formerly known as Chester Commons — languished in shadows and disuse for years while downtown grew around it and hid it from the sight of most people who didn’t have a reason to be anywhere near it…

Watch “CeramicSpeed 99% Efficient Drive Shaft // Chain Free Bike // Eurobike 2018” on YouTube

Long Distance Ride Report (Preliminary)

3 riders. Hot. 117 miles. Big fun!

Upcoming Long Distance Rides in July


I am pleased to announce that even though the 2018 LDCC ride series has ended, there are 3 interesting rides coming up this month.  If you have nothing on your calendars except cutting the grass, come and join us.  We may (or may not) be overlapping other interesting routes and may (or may not) be seeing many other riders on these routes.  Wink, wink. 

These dates will be:  July 14th (Wooster. 115 miles), July 21st (Norwalk and Vermillion.  117 miles) and July 22nd (Wooster. 108 miles).

Details are forthcoming.

Watch “Joe Schneider putting in work at the June Cleveland Critical Mass Ride” on YouTube

Team Spin/Litzler Automation’s VeloSano Fundraiser, Thurs., July 12th

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Team Spin/Litzler Automation is back again for everyone’s favorite VeloSano fundraiser! Switching up the venue for 2018 to the patio at team sponsor Fat Head’s Brewery in North Olmstead. Expect a ton of awesome prizes and $1 from your tasty beer purchases going straight to cancer research!


Final 2018 Long Distance Ride Report (Preliminary)

5 riders. It was hotter than July out there today.

2018 National 24 Hour Challenge – Results, Pictures, and Thanks!

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Pics From the National 24 Hour Challenge 2018

Thursday at Deep Lake Campground at Yankee Springs

Deep Lake Campground at Yankee Springs

Deep Lake Campground at Yankee Springs



Eric’s Tent

Jeff Chapman and Cassie Schumacher.


Jeff C., Laurie Skul, and Cassie S.


Eric Overton, Jeff, Laurie, and Cassie

Saturday.  Getting Ready for the Start

Jeff Chapman

Eric Overton


Joe the “Weatherman”


The Line up and Countdown

Chris Coburn and Eric Overton. Taken by Pat Coburn 

Chris Coburn and Eric Overton. Taken by Pat Coburn

The Countdown.   Taken by Pat Coburn

On the Road Again

Eric O. on the Road. Taken by Pat Coburn