7th Long Distance Prep Rides, Sun., Feb. 26th

Here’s the route:  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18557014

The ride will be going to Oberlin, Birmingham, and Avery for distances of 35, 50, 70, and 104 rolling miles.  If you want to do distances shorter than the planned distances you can pick your turn-around points.  Each week a group of riders opt for shorter distances.

The rides will start at 9:00 am at 170 Lee Rd., Berea.

Here are the distances planned:

Warm-up Route Elyria Your Choice 35 miles
Short Route Oberlin   Slow Train Cafe 50 miles
Medium Route Birmingham Subway 70 miles
Long Route Avery Subway 104 miles



Cue sheets will be available.


— “No Whining, No Cheating, No Drugs, No Motorized Vehicles, and No Abusing the Organizer”

Watch “Danny Chew First Recumbent Ride (2017)” on YouTube



5th Preliminary Ride Report

4 riders.  Decent for February. And damp.

4th Preliminary Ride Report

16 riders. Sunny, nice, and… pretty windy!  Now time for some tailwind.

Weekly offers from SUBWAY®

I’m somewhat reluctant to make a free commercial for Subway but we’ve found that, over the years, for a variety of reasons, Subway has been a convenient rest stop for our rides.  I’ve been using these coupons at our lunch breaks.  Each week there’s a good deal sent in the form of a text.  Once you open them up you have 5 minutes to use them but the cashier understands, if it expires on you while you’re in line.


Taking Action To Heal Our Nations Veterans Event, Feb. 25th (Kent)


Remembrance Event

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

February 25th 2017

Wheels4change would like to invite you to the Remembrance Fitness Event to honor those that made the ultimate sacrifice and their Gold Star Families. Saturday, February 25, 2017, Remembrance Fitness Event will begin with an opening ceremony which is also a reception. This reception will start at 11:30am and the event will begin at 12:00 p.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m. Kent State Recreation Center will host this annual event.

About the event:
Participants can ride, walk/run, row, do yoga or boot camp style training or any other fitness activity — for two hours in memory of hometown heroes who lost their lives while serving our country. In addition, the Remembrance Fitness Event is an opportunity to build camaraderie, while increasing awareness of who made the ultimate sacrifice in our community. 100% of any funds raised during this event will go towards supporting local veterans and their families in our outreach programs. We will have the “The Eyes of Freedom Memorial” on display during the event. The memorial depicts the 23 men from Lima Company, but is dedicated to all that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Cost: The suggested donation to participate is $25 per person. We also encourage advanced fundraising through the online platform, Crowdrise. You can form a team or go solo.
Let us know you’re coming by registering at Eventbrite.com
Sign-up to fundraise at:

Questions: Email us at info or call Elizabeth Michel at 330-672-0475

About our American War fighters:
“The Eyes of Freedom Memorial” will be on display at both the reception and the fitness event! Retired Marine, Mike Strahle, handles Public Affairs for the memorial. He will be in attendance. Mike also served with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 25th Marines during the 2005 deployment. He fought alongside the 23 men from Lima who were killed in action (KIA) in 2005, and with an additional 25 Marines and Corpsman who gave their lives conducting combat missions. Lima Company conducted more direct combat missions than any unit in the war. The Memorial depicts the 23 men from Lima Company, but is dedicated to all that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The Wheels4Change Team!

Please visit our website for upcoming events and more ways to help out. www.Wheels4Change.org

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Remembrance Fitness Event
When: on Feb. 25, 2017
Where: Kent State

Our Mission

Honor Our Fallen Heroes, Support Military Families and Serve Our Veterans. We will accomplish these goals by providing outreach, education and awareness to veterans and their families whose lives have been impacted by military trauma. Our focus is on local change in order to make a national impact.

3rd Long Distance Pre-Season Ride Report

5 riders. We had a great ride Saturday.  There was a bit of wind to buck against on the way out but it provided a gentle tail-wind homeward bound.  One section of gravel – some of us thought it was great, a couple were hesitant.  Bikes & riders came home dirty!  Rain held of ‘til we all finished.  No pictures.  No elk (it’s an elk ranch, isn’t it?) outside when we went by.


Riders included:

Jeff Kompa
Mark Thomas
Matt Henely
Tim Furey
Tom Driscoll


Congratulations to riders who got in a February century.

February Century Riders:

Jeff Kompa
Mark Thomas
Matt Henely
Tim Furey
Tom Driscoll


Newcomers included: 0

Riders 5  
Max. Miles 102-111 miles  
Temperature 45-50 degrees (with winds at 7-15 mph and gusts up to 21 mph) (WSW)  
Close Calls 0  
Mechanical Failures 0  
Mishaps 0  
Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cyclocross, or Mountain Bike 0  

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“The only thing better than a 12 hour challenge is a 24 hour challenge”   –John Clay

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