The group was formed in 2005 with less than 10 dedicated riders.   Each year we have over 60 riders who participate in our weekly rides.  In about 20 weeks, those riders participate in over 25 rides and special events.   

This series of long distance preparation rides take place on Saturdays and Sundays from January – June, starting in Berea (at the intersection of Lee and Stanford Roads).  

These rides are informal and non-competitive group rides open to all who are interested in the challenge of long distance cycling (Randonneuring).  Some of these rides are like tours with miles and miles of scenic riding, often at a leisurely pace.  Some riders use these rides to prepare for organized events such as TOSRV and Buckeye Breakaway (MS 150) while others use them to prepare for brevets and ultramarathon cycling events such as the National 24 Hour Challenge and (what used to be) Calvin’s 12 Hour Challenge Bicycle Race.  Still, others are trying to achieve higher speeds and faster times, setting their sights on personal bests.  There is a high spirit of camaraderie as we try to work together in pacelines.

Cue sheets will be provided for the routes.  Riders must be prepared for changes in weather, mechanical issues, etc.

If you are interested in participating in these events, please contact us:


Rides start at 9:00 at 170 Lee Rd., Berea